Funny Sounds

Here are a bunch of "make you Chuckle" sound bites....

ahhhhh.wav 19k

Sam Kineson

bringout.wav 49k

Monty Python "Bring out your Dead!!"

bud.wav 61k

The Budweiser Frogs "BUD--WEIS--ER"

byfools.wav 25k

"Why must I be surrounded by Fools?"

caffeine.wav 40k

Jim Carey "Caffeine 'll Kill ya!"

canshoot.wav 18k

GhostBusters "If he does that again, you can shoot him"

cantgtup.wav 29k

"I've fallen, and I can't get up"

catcall2.wav 71k

Most definately, the definative cat call

circus.wav 14k

John Candy "My Parents were Circus People"

cityboy.wav 32k

"We-he-hel....You're a city boy, ain't ya..."

clapping.wav 50k

Exactly what the name says

coffee.wav 65k

A MUST HEAR.....hahahahahahaha!!!

death.wav 52k

Monty Python "Death awaits you all, with nasty big, pointy teeth"

dngwoman.wav 25k

"I live with a very dangerous Woman"

dntouch.wav 21k

Friends "Don't touch the computer, Don't ever touch the    Computer"

donttort.wav 32k

"Don't torture yourself, that's my Job"

emotions.wav 67k

A funny wav about emotions

getalife.wav 17k

"Get a Life, Will ya?"

gorgeous.wav 33k


gotugly.wav 26k

"You got REAL ugly"

halleluj.wav 22k

A good wav for use in mIRC

hamster.wav 40k

Monty Python "You're Mother was a Hamster, and you're Father smelt of Elderberries"

ifart.wav 32k

Monty Python "I ffffffart in you're general direction"

jellyrol.wav 32k

"You tell that man, He's the Jam in my Jelly Roll"

later.wav 18k

GhostBusters "OK, so I'll see ya later, huh."

mngoodfr.wav 11k

"What are Men good for?"

nocoffee.wav 20k

Another MUST HEAR for all you coffee Drinkers.....HAHAHA

nomore.wav 66k

Monty Python "I don't wanna talk to you no more, you Empty-Headed, Animal Food trough water"

puleeze.wav 15k

Roger Rabbit "pppppppplease"

represd.wav 22k

Monty Python "HELP, HELP, I'm being Repressed!!"

special.wav 22k

The Church Lady "Well isn't that Special"

sucks.wav 26k

"This sucks"

tellmeu.wav 86k

A very funny "Tell me you Love me" wav

thefllwn.wav 41k

Announcer "The following program is intended for Mature Audiences"

wacko.wav 20k

"Boy...She's a Wacko"

These are all I have for right now, but rest assured, more are on their way.  If you have ANY sound requests, please feel free to e-mail me, and I can probably get them for ya.

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